11ZOur Lawn Service Roots:

We started this business borrowing the family lawnmower and dragging it down the street… ringing doorbells and trying to pick-up a few bucks mowing lawns when we were 15-years-old. We did the same with the snowblower during the winter. We realized there will always be a demand for anyone willing to work hard and stand behind their work with pride.

We want our customers to feel appreciated. We want you to feel you receive good value for you money. We want you to know you can always reach us, and that we return calls. We want you to know you can count on us to show up when we say we will, on time, and we’ll work hard to deliver quality work. We want you to know that we check our work too, and if anyone’s unhappy we’ll do it again until you’re fully satisfied.

What makes our business ‘Cutting Edge’?

We called our business Cutting Edge for two reasons:

  • We strive to have the latest equipment, office technology and systems for yard design, lawn maintenance, and more.
  • We focus on customer service as the single biggest differentiation vs. any of our competitors.

These are the principles that define why we are on the Cutting Edge, and we hope you’ll give Cutting Edge Landscaping a chance to earn your business.