Sports are a great American pastime. We love watching football as the leaves on the trees change and we get pumped up to go to the baseball games to watch our favorite team while eating a hot dog in the summertime. Now, you can have your own sports court in your very own backyard. Why should you have to leave your Milton home when you could just as easily play your favorite sport in your backyard? So many people get gym memberships, so they can enjoy a game of basketball or tennis, when they could just have one in their backyard. Take advantage of our sports court building services when you choose Cutting Edge Landscaping.

The Different Types Of Sport Courts

Living in Massachusetts, you probably have known your fair share of people who have owned sports courts. Perhaps, you’ve even had the opportunity to play on these sports courts. Well, with our new service that allows us to build a court in your yard, you’ll be able to play a variety of sports without having to go anywhere other than into your yard. At Cutting Edge Landscaping, we can offer you a variety of different sports courts to build in your yard. From bocce ball to tennis, you can take advantage of this fantastic service.

Bocce Court

Bocce, or bocci as it’s known sometimes, is a sport that dates back to the Ancient Roman Empire. Created and perfected in Italy, bocce ball is a sport that is played on a court with metal balls or plastic depending on how you’d like to play. The game is played with two players or teams of players with a goal to throw the ball to a specific distance. If you’d like to create a yard that allows you to entertain guests and family members, then a bocce court is exactly what you need.

Basketball Court

Basketball is one of the great American sports and was actually first played on American soil in Massachusetts. When you have an outdoor basketball court, you can cut down on the amount of time you spend going to one near you. If you have a child who loves basketball and wants to increase their game, then a court is perfect or if you’d like to work on your own game, it’s also a great way to do so. Regardless, a basketball court in your yard would help with fitness, teamwork, and possibly making a prodigy out of one of your children.

Tennis Court

While community tennis courts are beneficial, they are nothing in comparison to having your own. Whenever you want to play tennis, you’ll be able to. If you’d like to encourage your child to get more fit or you’d like to, then a tennis court is a great way to learn how to love the game and get fit. Additionally, if you enjoy entertaining, then a tennis court is an even better investment since you can have competitions and tournaments.

Instead of paying for a membership or going to a community court, have one built in your yard. For further information about our services, contact us.