At Cutting Edge, we’re compulsive about two things:

1. Delivering Great Customer Service
2. Growing Our Business

We hire people who understand that accomplishing Great Customer Service translates into the opportunity to Grow the Business, and those two things translate into Career Opportunities for those who demonstrate they understand these priorities.

If you can:

  • Demonstrate initiative
  • Contribute suggestions to how we can do things even better
  • Are willing to work hard for fair compensation

Then we want you.

Your success is our success, and we’re willing to share in our success.

We occasionally have need for Seasonal Crew Teammates, (for Spring Lawn Care and throughout the Summer season) to add to our landscape design and service crews.

If you demonstrate the work ethic we’re looking for, we offer competitive hourly wages AND the additional incentive of seasonal bonuses based on crew performance and customer service ratings from our customers.

For leading performers, there’s the prospect for year-round employment on our Fall & Winter lawn service crews.

As the business grows, teammates who demonstrate aptitude and understanding of our Customer Service focus can have the opportunity to become a Crew Supervisor. Because we believe the first level of management is critical to Customer Satisfaction, Business Growth, and Teammate Mentoring, those in this position have the opportunity to participate in profit-sharing.

It’s About Attitude:

We believe that what you know, and the skills and experience you bring, are only important to our company if they translate into making customers happy. So we don’t necessarily pay for certificates, or degrees, or longevity of experience. We reward demonstration of the right attitude, and we’re very clear about the performance metrics we measure: Customer Satisfaction & Team Operating Efficiency.

If you would like to apply for a teammate position with Cutting Edge, please send an email indicating your interest, and an attached resume, with all contact info, a listing of your experience and qualifications, and dates of availability, to: .

We thank you in advance for your interest in a position with Cutting Edge Landscaping.

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