Living in Milton, we’re blessed to have gorgeous weather. While it’s not all year round, we do get the opportunity to take advantage of it in the warmer months. Since we have such gorgeous Massachusetts weather, wouldn’t you want to encourage your children to adore the outdoors as much as you do? With so many children these days attached to tablets, iPads, televisions, and cell phones, it’s a nice break for them to truly enjoy a playground and get outside. Whether that means in your own backyard or at a facility such as a library or school, Cutting Edge Landscaping will meet your expectations.

What Can You Have For Your Playground?

Are you a parent looking for a way to increase the amount of time your child is outside? Are you a hospital or a daycare that would like to add a playground or redo the one you already have? Well, you’re in luck! We have a wide selection of playground equipment for commercial or residences. Additionally, the turf that goes on the ground of the playground is comfortable and not dangerous. When you choose Cutting Edge Landscaping, you can expect a playground that will meet your child’s needs and your specifications.

The Turf

We offer two types of turf for playgrounds at Cutting Edge Landscaping: rubber surfacing and artificial turf. While you may be used to wood chips on the ground, we want to make sure your child is safe if they fall down. This is why we offer artificial turf or rubber surfacing to create a safer environment to play on.

Playground Equipment

What type of playground equipment do you want for your child to play on? Do you want swings, slides, crawl tubes, or climbers? Are you interested in motion and spinning equipment? How about we bring it back to the days of your own childhood with merry-go-rounds and the monkey bars? Whatever type of playground you’re looking for to encourage your child to spend more time outside can be found at Cutting Edge Landscaping. We strive to offer a variety of playground equipment that will encourage your child to go on an epic adventure with kids their own age.


Facilities such as the library, hospital, child care centers, and schools should always be looking for upgrades to their playground. With so much playground equipment becoming too dangerous or disintegrating, it’s important that you invest in something the children will love. After all, an early love of outdoor activities can help them become physically healthier adults.


If you want a residential playground, we also offer those as well. While they probably won’t be as big as a playground outside a building, the one in your yard can be just as adventuresome for your children. Playground helps to encourage physical fitness, a love of adventures, and muscle development. To help your child be healthier and happier, we encourage you to invest in a playground for your little ones.

Are you ready to have a playground in your backyard? Let’s get started! Call Cutting Edge Landscaping today!