Charming, unique, and the perfect entertainment spot, outdoor kitchens and firepits are the newest landscaping design element that people across the country are adding to their yards. The idea of enjoying a warm, summer, Milton breeze while cooking outside or entertaining around the firepit is too much to resist. Luckily, at Cutting Edge Landscaping, we are able to offer you this landscaping design service. If your yard seems to be too small or you’re not sure how to fit an outdoor kitchen into it, then don’t worry. Our experts will help to design a yard that will create an atmosphere you’ve always wanted. For further information about firepits and outdoor kitchens, contact Cutting Edge Landscaping and we’ll get started on your delightful backyard.

The Options For A Firepit

Why travel to the middle of the woods to have a fire and some fun when you could do it in your own backyard? One of the greatest parts about camping is sitting around the fire and bonding with some of your favorite people. Skip the long drive, sifting through camping gear, and the arguments with the kids to enjoy sitting in your own backyard around a firepit. What’s great about creating a firepit in your backyard is the variety of different options you can take advantage of. No matter if you’re going for a more traditional option or a contemporary one, there’s a firepit out there for you. Some of the options you can choose are:

  • Masonry
  • Lightweight fibered material
  • Pre-fab stainless steel
  • Traditional designs
  • Modern, sleek, and shiny
  • Custom-designed firepits

When you are considering what you want in a firepit, ask yourself if you want a permanent or a portable one. Additionally, think about the best material that you want it to sit on, the right location, if you want gas or wood, and the ambiance you want to implement in your backyard.

How To Plan Your Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

In addition to firepits, we also have experience designing outdoor kitchens that are absolutely aesthetically pleasing and have full functionality. After all, your kitchen shouldn’t just look amazing, it should also have all of the elements you need to make a delicious meal for yourself, family, or friends. When you’re planning your perfect outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to have some key planning points to ensure the atmosphere is the one you want, so you should consider the following:

  • Research common design mistakes
  • Placement in your yard
  • The necessary kitchen equipment
  • How the kitchen should be laid out
  • The lighting to ensure you can cook at anytime of the day or night
  • What grills you’ll want to use to make that perfect meal

Each of these different planning key points will help to create a kitchen that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and a great asset to your home.

Create the outdoor environment that you truly want when you incorporate an outdoor kitchen and a firepit into your yard. Our landscape designers will help you get the balance of elements that will ensure your yard is perfect for entertaining, a romantic evening, or just a night of relaxation.