At Cutting Edge Landscaping, we don’t just focus on making your yard look pretty with flowers and trees. We also make it look attractive with other services such as building structures or paving the walkway. Landscaping design isn’t just about planting vegetation where we think looks good. It can also be about things that you build or the way the driveway or the walkway looks going up to your home.

What Can You Add To Your Yard?

You’re taking in the beautiful yard you had us complete, but it seems to be missing something. You really want your yard to pop with uniqueness, but you’re not sure what to add. Here’s another scenario: You’re bored of looking at just a nice lawn and some hydrangeas. You want something that will really bring out your backyard to wow your neighbors and friends.

Many people have this issue where they want to do something different with their yard, but they aren’t sure what to do. It can be a case of boredom, frustration with a lack of creativity in the yard, or it could be a new yard that you’d like to make feel more like home. If you just want a change and most people do since it can grow weary looking at the same yard all day, then take the time to figure out what would look best on your property.


Do you want an area to sit out on during those warm, Milton, summer nights? Do you want to barbecue for friends or family and enjoy sitting in the shade as you take in your yard? A patio might be what you need in your backyard. A patio can be just what you need to really pull your backyard or even the front yard together.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall will add some elevation to your home. This structure can either hold back soil or it can hold back water depending on the look you’re going for. This piece of landscape can be just what you need to add some versatility to your backyard due to how it can break up the yard into sections. While it’s used to support the mass of ground, it’s also used as a way to create to separate levels. Keep in mind it’s best to talk to our team of landscaping designers to figure out if it would be best for your yard.

Driveway And Walkways

You might think every driveway and walkway is the same, but it’s not. Some driveways curl around the yard and others are a straight shot. On the other hand, some walkways curve up the front lawn and some are short. Cutting Edge Landscaping can redo your driveway and your walkway to give it a bit more edge and individuality to really pull your entire yard together. Additionally, there are different materials that can be used on both of these areas to make it look different such as gravel or concrete.


Like the retaining wall, stairs will add some levels to your backyard or your front yard. If there’s a different elevation to get to your front door or the back door, stairs can be exactly what you need to add some versatility. It’s best if you have a landscape assessment to figure out if this is right for the property as well as the aesthetic.

If you’re tired of the more routine look of your walkway or the driveway or you’d like to incorporate some stairs or a patio, then reach out to Cutting Edge Landscaping and we’ll make sure to meet your needs.