Our Tree Trimming & Pruning Service

Spring is a time filled with beautiful weather, rainstorms, and the need to repair your lawn and trees when the winter has destroyed them. Since springtime is here, it’s time to seriously start thinking about what to do about your trees. They most likely require trimming and pruning to ensure they stay healthy after the cold winter. There are a few different types of tree trimming and pruning. All of them are important to help your trees flourish and stay healthy. When it comes to trimming and pruning trees, you can have fine pruning, standard pruning, hazard trimming, and crown reduction trimming completed for your landscaping services. If you aren’t sure what the difference between tree trimming and pruning is for landscaping services, then we can help you with understanding tree and lawn care better. Tree trimming helps ensure overgrowth is taken care of so the trees and the items around it have the ability to access more water and light. Tree pruning involves removing branches that are dead, loose, or infected, so the tree can be healthier.

At Cutting Edge Landscaping, we offer both of these services for a great price. We know how tough it can be to trim your trees and to prune them. You might have no idea how to take care of a tree, which is why it’s imperative to hire a landscaping service company so we can make sure your trees are able to stay healthy and flourish. At Cutting Edge Landscaping, we offer landscaping designs and lawn care services weekly. We have several different types of service packages to choose from that range from offering a variety of different landscaping services and are matched to your needs. We have a basic lawn care service package. After the basic, you’re able to add more services such as landscaping design or landscaping services. To find out what exactly we offer, request a quote.

What Our Landscaping Services Can Offer You

When Cutting Edge Landscaping comes to your home, we make sure to do it right, on time, and affordable. Why hire a landscaping service company who doesn’t have your best interests in mind? We’re able to come to your home on your schedule either once a week or when you want us to come. We offer bundle packages with requested services and we have basic landscaping service packages for those that don’t want landscaping design and other services. As a Top Rated Local® lawn care service company, we know how to properly take care of a lawn and you by extension. If you want a certain service completed for a great price, then we’re the landscaping service company to count on. Take the time to learn more about our lawn care services and landscape design ones.