Our Lawn Aeration Services

At Cutting Edge Landscaping we pride ourselves on providing you with as many lawn care services as possible. We ensure our lawn care service packages will make your lawn look amazing. Our packages include the most commonly requested services and are affordably priced. We will make your lawn look great no matter the size of the property. Our lawn aeration services are popular because they turn your lawn into a lush emerald yard that will be enviable throughout the neighborhood.

Aeration is when we make small holes in the soil so the grass roots can breathe and nutrients can be obtained. The grass roots will get as many nutrients as possible, such as water, air, and other nutrients to enhance your lawn growth. When you take the time to allow your lawn to receive nutrients, you are able to have a plush lawn. Aeration will allow your lawn to get the nutrients it needs and will eliminate any thinning spots on your lawn or patches which have accumulated over time.

Dethatching is when we pull up the grass and comb through it to eliminate debris. A great time to dethatch your lawn is in the late summer and early fall. When the grass is growing quickly, dethatching allows your grass to grow smoother. These combined services will make your lawn as healthy as ever.

What Our Lawn Aeration And Dethatching Services Can Offer You

We provide many different lawn care services to ensure our customers are satisfied. If you find yourself discovering areas of your lawn filled with patches or are thinner than usual, aeration and dethatching would benefit your lawn. We offer many packages for your lawn, which are priced well and provide all of the necessary lawn care services to make your lawn youthful and healthy again. Check out our packaged services to see what would be in your lawn’s best interest. If you have any questions, please call (617) 274-8484.