Autumn is a wonderful time of the year. The weather in Milton is generally perfect and the trees are a beautiful mix of yellow, orange, and red, and it’s still light out, so you can take advantage of time outside without it being too unbearably hot. However, with the gorgeous colors and the tepid weather comes the knowledge that you’ll need to begin cleaning your yard for when the leaves begin to fall off the trees.

While there are many great advantages to fall such as sweet treats, ripe apples, pumpkin patches, and exciting holidays, you’ll also need to deal with the fallen leaves and other debris. This can always be a hassle, especially because you have to fit it in between the beginning of school starting for the kids and the start of the holidays.

Many people are tired when they get home from work or don’t want to spend the small amount of free time they do have cleaning the yard. It’s understandable, most people already deal with a large portion of responsibilities that range from taking care of the kids to making dinner. Why should you have to deal with the lawn as well? Allow us to take care of this responsibility, so you can focus on other obligations.

After having to mow your lawn all summer, it’s time to clean your yard of all the vibrant leaves that have fallen from the trees. Take a break from dealing with yard work when you hire Cutting Edge Landscaping. After all, lawn care and maintenance never seems to stop, which is why we offer our lawn care services. Ultimately, what happens if you don’t have the time for fall cleanup? What if you just don’t feel like spending your weekends condensing the large amount of leaves in the yard? It’s okay to not want to deal with lawn maintenance because our lawn care service can make up for it.

Instead of worrying about lawn care this autumn, you can hire a lawn maintenance cleanup team to help you keep your yard looking great until the first snowfall. Our fall cleanup service is a fantastic choice because it will leave your lawn looking incredible and debris-free throughout the autumn time and well into winter. If you don’t want to worry about fall cleanup this year, then don’t hesitate to reach out to Cutting Edge Landscaping. We can help you have a lawn you can be proud of this fall.

Why Lawn Maintenance Services Are Essential

Choosing a lawn care maintenance team is beneficial for any home that lives in a region where autumn truly takes place. While you may want to dive into your yard with a leaf blower and some funky tunes to get you going, a lawn care service will treat your yard superbly. We can also offer you something that you may not be able to do to your lawn. As a professional lawn maintenance team, we’ll nourish your entire yard both front and back to ensure every stray leaf and piece of debris is picked up.

Additionally, we offer pruning shrubs and perennials, so you don’t have to worry about taking care of your plants. We can cover all of that for you without you needing to leave the comfort of your own house or spend the time you don’t have dealing with outside chores. Lawn maintenance services are a beneficial option to have because we’ll deal with all of the lawn care without you needing to work away in the hot sun.

Lawn care is an essential chore because without picking up the leaves on your lawn, you could end up dealing with grass that doesn’t have oxygen or water, which can cause it to die. Your grass is like any other plant, without the proper nutrients it can shrivel up and become sick. Obviously, you want a lawn that’s beautiful and lush, not one that’s turned beige and dried out.

Leaves that are left out on a lawn during the winter also will grow mold, which can spread across your lawn. A moldy lawn is something no one wants to deal with, especially when the snow melts. In the spring time, you could even end up with grass that’s been stunted due to not being able to thrive. A lawn smothered with leaves can create a lot more issues than it can help, especially when all the snow melts and you find a lawn that’s less than perfect. Get a jump start on taking care of your lawn by appointing our team to care for your yard. Whether that means shrubs need to be pruned or your yard needs to be cleaned of debris, Cutting Edge Landscaping has you covered.

About Our Fall Cleanup Service

At Cutting Edge Landscaping, we strive to include a wide variety of services for lawn care to ensure your yard is properly sustained. When it comes to our fall cleanup service, we focus on a few different elements to ensure your expectations are being met. The services include taking care of the removal of the leaves, but it also details caring for the shrubs and other areas of your lawn that need a little sprucing before the beginning of winter. If you decided to take care of your lawn yourself, which is always an option, you’ll probably miss out on all the little details of nourishing the shrubs and other vegetation. A professional service will make sure to capture every little detail and ensure that the lawn and shrubs are all properly cared for, so when spring arrives, they flourish.

A basic fall cleanup package consists of two essential services: pruning shrubs and perennials, and removing debris and leaves from your yard. Both of these services will ensure that your lawn is not only healthy for spring, but it’s also in great shape for the rest of fall and well into winter. Winter time can be the most difficult on yards because of the lack of nutrients. The sun isn’t out as much, the snow is smothering the lawn, and oxygen isn’t reaching the blades as easily as they do when the Milton weather is nicer. While it’s lovely to see the leaves change and jumping into piles of leaves can be fun, leaving debris in your yard can cut the grass off from nutrients, oxygen, and water.

If you’re interested in a little extra lawn maintenance, you are able to add on the next few services to ensure you’re prepared for winter. We are also able to clean your gutters and put up holiday decorations. Cleaning gutters is an essential part of fall since a lot of leaves get stuck around your home. To avoid a clogged gutter, you’ll want to take advantage of this service. Additionally, while the holidays are a great time to celebrate with family, the decorations can be a nuisance. Get a little extra help this year and take advantage of our fall clean up services.

Lastly, if you need any more visits to clean your yard, we are able to come out all the way until the first snowfall. In addition, for your knowledge, we also offer snow management services for your home and business, so when that first snowfall does fall, you’re ready. Our priority at Cutting Edge Landscaping is to focus on ensuring your lawn is healthy and superb. These four features of our fall cleanup will provide you with a lawn that’s ideal and meets your expectations. Get healthy grass and beautifully trimmed shrubs when you decide to work with Cutting Edge Landscaping.

What We Can Offer You

When you choose Cutting Edge Landscaping, you can expect to work with a team of lawn care professionals who want your yard to look perfect. We work hard at what we do and we want you to be just as proud of your yard as we are. When you hire us, you can expect a team that’s hardworking and will ensure your lawn is healthy and well-kept. Our fall cleanup team will do our best to maintain your yard, so it’s ready for winter and healthy come spring. If you want your expectations met, then we encourage you to hire Cutting Edge Landscaping for all of your yard maintenance needs. Hiring a fall cleanup team can help you in the following ways:

  • Time management
  • A well-kept, good-looking yard
  • Essential lawn services
  • Superior customer service
  • Lawn services that are high quality
  • Affordable lawn care services
  • Consistent maintenance

About Cutting Edge Landscaping

At 15 years old, the founders of Cutting Edge Landscaping wanted to make a few extra bucks. Mowing lawns quickly turned into cleaning snow from residences and years later, here we are. As an in-demand company, we’re willing to work hard to keep your yard in great shape and eliminate any debris, snow, or other items that may fall onto your lawn. We take pride in our work and want each customer who comes to us to feel appreciated. We can offer you a full range of lawn and garden maintenance services that will allow you to have the lawn you want within your budget. We are able to save you time you can spend doing other things, and our fall cleanup will help get rid of those unwanted leaves without you needing to lift a finger.

If you don’t want to deal with cleanup this fall, then we encourage you to sign up today. Spend more time doing what you want to do this autumn instead of worrying about your lawn.