Our Snow Removal Service Is Dependable

We offer a professional service that is above all DEPENDABLE. You can count on Cutting Edge to help you enjoy clear access and use of your property despite what winter’s snowfalls may bring. Below you will find basic information about our snow removal capabilities.

  • Our trucks, plows, and blowers are all of high quality, recent age, and are meticulously maintained. We have a range of equipment sizes that will suit the particulars of your property, including top-notch snow plowing and snow shoveling equipment and tools.
  • The company and our staff are in full compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements for providing snow management services. We are commercially registered and fully insured (with specific liability coverage for snow operations).
  • We stake and mark your property. Our plows have iPads in cab with your individual service contract specifics and full photos of the area to be cleared. Photos remind us of what’s under the snow we’re clearing and helps us protect your lawn, curbs, stairs, etc… If any damage from equipment occurs, we commit to full repair at end of season.
  • Pre-Storm Update E-mail
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