Cutting, watering, and general maintenance of grass can be a nuisance. Once a week, you have to plan to cut your grass, especially in the summer or you need to hire Cutting Edge Landscaping to do it for you. While we love dealing with all the ins and outs of lawn maintenance, we know that you probably don’t. After all, you have a variety of other things to focus on other than lawn care. For this reason, we’re excited to roll out one of our brand new services: installation of synthetic turf. However, if you have absolutely no idea what synthetic turf is or you know what it’s like, but you just don’t know the advantages, then read on and prepare to be in awe of this artificial grass.

What Is Synthetic Turf?

Synthetic turf, or artificial turf as it’s sometimes referred to, is essentially a surface of fibers that are man-made to look like natural, beautiful grass. Mostly, this type of faux grass is in sports arenas or on golf courses because it’s easy to play on. However, in recent years, people began to have synthetic turf installed in their lawns because it is so easy to maintain. As we mentioned before, we know how hectic your schedule is and how hard it is to include cutting the grass between running errands. And while we’re happy to offer lawn maintenance for a great price, we also know sometimes you’d rather just have a lawn that looks pristine all of the time.

This alternative to grass was first introduced in 1960 and then was installed in a recreational area in a prep school four years later. Additionally, the first major sports area that had artificial turf was in the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. As the years went on, this type of grass was installed on baseball, football, and even field hockey fields. Of course, it was also included on golf courses, which is where most people know it from.

The Advantages Of Choosing Synthetic Turf

So what are the advantages to this synthetic turf that’s usually on sports fields and golf courses? What can artificial turf do for you that normal grass cannot? First, it’s easy to maintain and who can go wrong with this advantage. Everyone wants to have easier day-to-day activities and now you can when you take advantage of synthetic turf. Second, it’s great for homes with dogs and very little yard. Third, if you have children who are allergic to grass, then this can be extremely beneficial. Fourth, the life expectancy for artificial turf is years, even decades depending on the brand. While it can be more costly than natural grass, the longevity of artificial turf is there. Lastly, you will have a beautiful lawn that is eye-catching to neighbors and casual observers.

Do you want this easy to manage grass? Are you tired of having to maintain your natural grass? Are you ready to invest in grass that’s nothing less than beautiful? Try out synthetic turf in your yard today, contact us for a quote!