Our Many Yard Maintenance And Tree Services 


At Cutting Edge, we believe in planting trees and shrubs correctly the first time to avoid any future problems that commonly occur because of incorrect planting. Taking the time to make sure that all packaging materials are removed and that trees and shrubs are planted at the right height is imperative to the long term health of the tree.

Shrub Care

Correct timing of pruning and proper soil care are just a couple of the things that set us apart from the competition. Every shrub is different, has different growth habits, and a specified set of environmental conditions in which they thrive. We have in-depth knowledge of all these factors so that we keep your shrubs as healthy and beautiful as possible.

Hedge Row Care

There are many species of trees that can be used as hedge rows. Each species needs to be managed slightly differently to work as a hedge. We have the tools to maintain them efficiently while at the same time keeping them green and full.

Ornamental Tree Pruning

There are many different reasons to prune trees: safety, aesthetics, clearance, fruit, and flower production etc. We look at each tree individually while working with the client to achieve their desired goals for each tree, while at the same time taking the utmost care in the long term health of each tree.